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10 things you may not have known about our founder, Belinda!

With the new re-brand, I thought it would be timely to provide you, as the Reader with a peek behind the curtains of who Chez B, or Belinda (me) is. So I’ve decided to sit down on this SUNDAY and jot down ten (10) facts about myself, that many of you may not know about me.

Here goes!

1. Nature vs nurture

Growing up in the stunning foothills of the Dandenong Ranges, Melbourne, family always played a huge part in my life. I have no doubt that my Aunt’s love of finer things, and my Nanna’s creativity gave me a solid foundation for the Property Stylist I am today.

I even run my business in the same “old school” style my Nanna used to manage her time – Monday was washing day, Tuesday was cooking day, Wednesday was shopping day etc. I’m so much more productive in my working week when each day offers something new, yet is structured enough to know that everything is getting done!

2. Imagination
As the youngest sister to two brothers, I spent much of my childhood playing make believe.

Whether my surroundings were to become a spaceship, a fortress, or a pirate ship on the open seas, I don’t think a month went by without my Mum coming home from work to a completely rearranged house! (Sorry, Mum)

Hard to believe that translated to my dream job a few decades later!

3. Childhood sweethearts
Yep. I am married to my childhood sweetheart! And after 33 years we are still soul mates. I was only 21 when we got married (hard to believe these days!) but we waited 9 years to start a family which meant many years of fun and freedom to build our careers and live our best life.

I’ve never been a fan of the word ‘regret’, but if I had one it would be that we never packed our bags and went exploring across Europe on a budget. Ah, La Dolce Vita!

4. ‘Our best life’, reimagined
While all those years of dining out, focussing on our careers and living free were a truly wonderful start to married life, I have loved (and still do!) every single minute of being a Mum to three gorgeous, well rounded, self-sufficient, kind and generous human beings.

I wouldn’t change it for the world.

5. 5-0!
Ringing in my 50th was a major turning point in my life. Sure, we celebrated in style, but there was a much more personal transition happening.

My second child was finishing school, and I finally felt like I was regaining control of my life, finally having more time for ‘me’ – a feeling any mum can relate to, I’m sure! The following Christmas I announced to the family that I wanted to start my own business as a Property Stylist.

And there, Chez B was born.

6. “Doing what you love” doesn’t always mean doing what you love!
Having a background in Human Resources and running my husband’s small business made it a breeze for me to get my business set up; getting an ABN, registering a business name, setting up templates, manage the books. Easy peasy.

But I was nowhere near close to prepared for everything that came with it. What kind of website do I need? What social media should I be using, and how? How do I master SEO? I need to start a blog? How do I come up with content every day?

Suddenly it became clear that the reality is, that “doing what you love” comes with a whole new level of responsibility. It requires constant learning, adaptation, and self-belief!

7. Work to live
While I’m a true advocate for working to live, not living to work, I have to confess that I absolutely live and breathe Chez B!

A friend asked me last month how much time I spend a week on my business. “I never stop thinking about it”, I said. I feel so fortunate to be doing something I love – meeting the most beautiful clients who invite me into their homes and entrust me to transform them into something magical.

Each project follows a story of our client’s evolution as they move on with their lives, which is something I find incredibly beautiful (and an honour) to witness.

8. Rolling stones gather no moss
Since starting Chez B, I can honestly say that every single day I’m learning something new. Looking back over our first 3 years, it’s hard to believe how far we have come.

With an incredible new community of fellow stylists around me, I know I’ll never stop evolving and finding bigger and better ways of running my business – which is an incredibly refreshing, and exciting way to be living life!

9. My personal rainbow
As a stylist, you get asked about your colour preferences a lot.

Well. My favourite colours are: blue, pink, green, and beige. Black and white are also favourites of mine, though whether they classify as colours I’ll leave up to you! Once thing you’ll never catch me wearing, however, are patterns, I tried. I failed. Never again!

10. My style
Identifying looks and themes is my day to day work, but describing your own aesthetic can be harder to pinpoint. If I had to describe my own style, it would be “timeless quality”. It’s a signature look that I carry through in what I wear, how I style, and just about everything I do.

After all, timelessness and quality are the cornerstones of any good design – like a fine wine!And now, here we are, launching Chez B’s new look website. Along with my incredible team, who always put customer service as priority one, we’re here to change the way you sell property.

If you’re on a mission to create the home of your buyer’s dreams, let’s have a chat, and we’ll show you how selling your home should be:

Less stress. Higher returns. Timeless style.


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