Property Styling
to Sell

We help you maximise the value of your property.

We help you maximise the value of your property. With an appreciation of the demographics and psychographics and the role it plays in gaining a buyer’s immediate attention, Chez B addresses the aspirations, needs and values of the target market, invites prospective buyers or visitors to form an emotional connection to a home, and help them imagine it as their own.

Our experienced stylists will help you get your property ready for sale by ensuring all the best qualities and features are amplified. Just as every Property is unique, our Property Styling Services are tailored to meet our clients’ needs and budget.

How Does It Work?

Our design journey together begins with a complimentary 15 minute consultation over the phone where we discuss your needs, and your objectives to see if we are a good fit to work together. Here we will explain our different services, our process and discuss which may be the better fit for you.

What’s after the consult? The Chez B Home Staging Experience.

The Chez B Home Staging Experience

At Chez B we offer three (3) unique styling packages for staging your property.


Walk and Talk


Rent inventory for Styling


Value added Service


Walk and Talk

The perfect option for those who have a creative flair but need that extra guidance
from a professional to ensure their home is staged right.

In this package, you’ll make notes as Chez B visits your home at a time that suits you,
and carefully walk with you through each and every single room to provide you with
strategic advice on the visual elements of the room and what you can do to maximise
the potential of each space.

The Walk and Talk includes:
● Detailed room-by-room analysis to identify each room’s strengths and areas that need attention.
● De-cluttering and de-personalisation advice.
● Furniture placement advice using existing furniture.
● Styling advice, renovation, or touch-up suggestions to appeal to your target market.
● Street appeal advice.
● Additional furniture and accessory suggestions, and where to find them.

For those who would like a detailed step-by-step action plan and checklist that is tailored to their home following the ‘Walk and Talk’, Chez B can prepare for you a comprehensive tailored consultation report with everything you need to do, to elevate your home to the next level.


Rent Inventory
for Styling

Whether you need a touch of fresh linen and some decorative accessories to add that finishing glow to a furnished property, or you need to fill an entire home with carefully considered, styled furniture, Chez B can provide modern, quality inventory to ensure your property has a visual and emotional impact on potential buyers.

After a house visit to thoroughly examine and determine your needs, we will provide an itemised proposal which highlights our recommendation and the cost of your project. This includes a 4-8 week rental period for the time your home is on the market.

The Rent inventory for styling includes:
● Personal site-visit to assess your home.
● Creative direction, logistics organisation and planning of elements related to staging and styling for your home.
● Rental of quality inventory from the Chez B warehouse for the 4-8 week period while your home is being marketed by your Agent.
● Installation and styling of your home as per our agreed brief.
● De-staging and removal of furniture and decor once property has sold.

NB: It’s important that all home maintenance and decluttering has been completed prior to our styling day, and that any of your own furniture that won’t be utilised as part of our design has been placed in storage before our team arrives to style your home.


Value added

You’ve decluttered, sourced your own furniture, and now just want some help to ensure your home is picture perfect for potential buyers.

Chez B is here to help you add the final style touches to your space, ensuring it is presented in the best way possible to maximise its appeal and value for buyers and photographers alike.

The Before the day – Styling Assistance includes:
● Personal site-visit to assess your home.
● Rearrangement of existing furniture or soft furnishing in your home.