5 top tricks to adding space to your property – without any renovations!

The square footage of a property is obviously a huge influencer for potential buyers.

But the perception of space when they walk in the door can make all the difference in their final decision.

So how do you make your size stand up to the test of a viewing?

Here are 5 of our tried and tested methods for creating an open, welcoming space – no matter the size:

Light it up

A well-lit property can bring to life all the warmth and positive energy that potential buyers want in their new dream home, and it all begins before they even enter the property.

Most buyers will drive past your house in the evening after work, and a bright, welcoming exterior makes the step towards booking a viewing that much easier to make. On the inside, the right lighting has the ability to make ceilings higher, rooms bigger, and give your property the personality and ambiance that will make it irresistible to your potential buyers.

Mirror mirror on the wall

Never underestimate the power of a strategically placed mirror!

Will your buyers enter into a small, narrow hallway? A mirror at the end doubles the perceived space, adds light, and creates a more positive first impression. Not much natural light in the master bedroom?

A mirror above the bed-head can mimic all the beauty of a window and give the impression of a much larger, appealing space that otherwise might seem dim and cramped.

Through the looking glass…

Heavy, colour blocked furniture can be off-putting and overbearing, especially in a smaller space.
By simply swapping out the tops of your dining, bedside, coffee or work tables, you can immediately improve the visual space and create a more uninterrupted, uncluttered view.


You might love your huge 6-seater sofa, but a potential buyer sees limited space to move and a space that’s size is overwhelmed by bulky furniture.

Instead, remove the excess and replace it with sleek, size appropriate finishes that give a sense of space, ease, and atmosphere. Don’t let your buyers feel an unnecessary sense of overwhelm in a space that should be their sanctuary.

A little colour goes a long way

No matter what the sizes on your floor plan say, if your rooms are painted with dark, uninviting colours, spaces immediately feel cramped and remove the otherwise appealing benefits of natural light.

Lighter hues can create a sense of openness, of calm, and add visual depth to even the smallest of spaces. If used correctly, bold colours on feature walls can add character and evoke the theme of a space.

It’s all about knowing when and where you want to evoke certain emotions from your buyers and choosing a colour palette that compliments it.

With little to no cost, you can transform your space into a bright, inviting, and homely property for your buyers to fall in love with as soon as they walk in the door!


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