Real Estate Agents

Why collaborate with us?

Because just like you, we want to ensure our clients get the maximum value for the sale of their home.

Therefore by becoming a Chez B Partner, not only will we become professional friends, but we will be able to work smoothly and collaboratively towards the common goal to helping our clients achieve the best price for their property, and transition to the next stage of their lives.

As a Professional Member of the International Institute of Home Staging, our client’s experience is at the core of everything we do. By creating environments that ignite emotion, we ensure spaces are impactful and unique while embodying that homely, comfortable feel that turns an expression of interest into a great sale.


If you are interested in a collaborative working relationship, we open the opportunity to chat further about this over a coffee.

Contact Belinda on 0408 873 180

If you would like us to contact your vendors directly, then fill out our Client Referral Form and we will contact them to start the styling process.