Styling the Bedroom to Sell

I find as a property stylist going into clients’ homes that one of the most overlooked areas is the bedrooms.  We spend a third of our lives in bed so it just makes sense to me that we should make the space inviting as well as functional.

When styling a house to sell, a well-styled bedroom will tap into your buyer’s emotions as this is the room that people consider their ultimate relaxation space.  You want a bedroom to look spacious, yet cosy; minimal, yet embellished and most importantly you want it to ooze serenity and calm so the buyer doesn’t ever want to leave.

A common mistake I find is that many people place too large a bed into a space that is more in proportion to say, a double rather than a king or vice versa. The bed needs to be in proportion to the space it is filling.

At Chez B, we always use a queen ensemble when styling the Master Bedroom unless the room is massive and then we’ll go for a king ensemble. For the most part, buyers want to see that a Master Bedroom is big enough to fit a queen ensemble so it’s important that we show them that it does, allowing them to feel comfortable and warm to a space.

It may sound obvious, but the key to styling the bedroom is making the bed the focal point of the room.  I’ll let you in on some industry secrets on how to make the perfect bed and create a relaxing space for both you and a buyer.

▪️A headboard is a great addition to the bed as this anchors the space and gives a more cosy feel to the bed.  If your bed doesn’t have a headboard or you’re just not a headboard sort of person artwork centred above the bed can be a great alternative to break up the space on the wall.

▪️ Your bed should be ideally centred on a wall and not pushed up against the side of one wall. This gives your buyers a true sense of the room being big enough to take their own bed when they fall in love with your home and move in!

▪️ Always use a bed skirt unless your bed already has a beautiful base. If your bed is on slats and a frame it’s always a good idea to go up in duvet size so the duvet drapes nicely over the framework of your bed. You wouldn’t be seen half-dressed, so why should your bed!

▪️ A little secret for when making your bed with the intention of it being photographed or for an open home is to have the duvet opening at the top end of the bed instead of the bottom.  This leaves much cleaner lines at the end of the bed in the photos as you won’t be able to see the opening under the pillows.

▪️ In general, light colours always look much better in photos so dress your bed accordingly! 

▪️ Cushions, cushions and that’s right, more cushions!  Yes… I know most people hate taking them off the bed every night but you’re here to sell and boy they can make a bedroom pop in the photos.  They add texture, colour and shape to the bed and can be the thing that makes the difference between just a regular bed and an inviting oasis.  Have a look at the different cushion combinations you can create on your bed to make it look extra super-duper inviting.

▪️ So, what about the ideal bedside table?  Just like the bed, your bedsides should be in proportion to the space surrounding your bed. If you have a small room, a glass top bedside table is a great option as it gives the illusion of not being closed in and if you have plenty of space on either side of your bed consider perhaps a chest of drawers to give you more storage space. 

▪️ Large, statement bedside lamps on each bedside make all the difference to a well-styled bedroom. The room looks ok …. but ‘oh boy’ it could be so much better! Another tip is to always make sure you have a warm coloured globe in your lamps and that they actually work.  

▪️ Remove any clutter – no one needs to see your reading glasses, phone charger or sleep apnoea machine. Instead, place just one or two key items on your bedsides like a good book, a candle or a small arrangement. It’s a great touch tapping into your buyer’s mind that moving into this bedroom space is the ultimate relaxation haven.

Overwhelmed by all of this? It’s ok, that’s what we’re here for! I’m going to share with you the exact inventory checklist we use at Chez B when styling a standard Master Bedroom to give you an idea of what to expect from us:

◆  1 x Queen Ensemble

◆  1 x Bedhead

◆  1 x Full Linen Pack which includes:

◆  Duvet – Light Coloured

◆  Bedhead

◆  Sheets

◆  Euro Pillows x  2

◆  Standard Plumped Pillows x 4 

◆  Cushions or various colours and sizes x 3  – 5

◆  Bed Throw

◆  2  x Bedside Tables

◆  2 x  Bedside Lamps with warm globes

◆  1 x  Bedside Accessory Pack such as a book, candle, arrangement, photo frame

◆  2 x Artwork

◆  1 x Accent Chair

◆  1 x Small side table for Chair

◆  1 x Floor Rug if needed

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Happy Styling!


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