Why Style?

There’s a moment when a house becomes your home. It’s not logic. It’s emotion.

8 seconds. That’s how long it takes for prospective buyers to decide whether or not there is an emotional connection with your home.

Therefore, whether you’re selling your home, or furnishing a property for display, you have to ask: what story does my space tell?

This is where home staging comes in. By taking into consideration the psychographics of your target market and presenting your home in the best possible light, this can truly be the tipping point between receiving a few enquiries, and a quick sale.


Did you know...

  • As few as 10% of the population can envisage living in a space if rooms are vacant or cluttered;
  • Empty rooms look smaller and show more imperfections
  • A beautifully presented home creates buyer emotion.

Why Chez B?

At Chez B, our goal is the same as yours. To get the maximum value for your home. By redefining the home staging business with carefully curated styling techniques, we “tell” stories and inspire tenants to imagine their own fairytale within the walls of your property.

A room for their expected first born, a dining room for entertaining friends and family for years to come – let their dreams come to life by allowing us to create a space designed to inspire.